About us

We come from Italy and release new Deep/House/Techno and other types of electronic dance music. Always trying not to follow any current trends, but creating timeless tracks that have a very personal touch of the artist.

We started in 2013. These friends and artists have released music on EXPATRIATE RECORDS till now:

Really thanks to all Artists who believe in this project…….. thank you (Sanna Hartfield – Lazarus – Teo Lentini – Ben Eidani – Mara J Boston – Yves Roch – Fabio Tosti – Jean Aita – Portofino Sunrise – The Scientists Of Sound – Federico Chiotto – Gammo – Auxelio – Petrusco – Danilo D’andrea – Fabrizio Marra – Abel Ray – Gianluca Rattalino – Uncle Dog – Klaide – Niko Favata)



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